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Cobotics or Collaborative Robotics is a major innovation in the industry for the next years. We offer solutions integrating Universal Robots, or DCS modules from Fanuc.
We address several challenges our customers are facing in their plants:
  • Lower production costs through affordable automation,
  • Higher flexibility through a dock-able, light-weight concept with very short installation and ramp-up time,
  • Lower foot-print by avoiding all safety enclosures, while not compromising on operator safety,

We have designed a modular concept where standardized features can be combined “on-demand” depending on cycle time, linear speed, product and required level of flexibility. The cobot applications we offer are aimed to replace manual labor in different operations : unscrambling, picking and placing within packaging lines, low speed palletizing, and in general low speed applications (i.e. 30-60 pcs/min)